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How VoIP Increases Mobility

Today’s business is conducted not only in traditional office settings, but also on-the-go – while on vacation, from home, and everywhere in-between. It is increasing use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and cloud connectivity that allows unparalleled mobility in business.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP allows for the flexibility that modern businesses require to keep up with the competition while also giving employees the freedom to work independently and still collaborate with teams and partners. 

How VoIP Works

VoIP converts analog voice calls into digital packets of data that can be sent over public internet or private networks. With this technology, employees are not restricted to using a landline in a specific physical location to conduct business. They can talk with clients by telephone, cell phone, or computer-to-computer using headsets or speakers.

To go a step further, when your business uses Voice over IP, you have access to a wide range of collaboration tools that allow for web conferencing, video chat, or instant messaging by way of an easy to use interface.

Why Choose VoIP Solutions

Save Money – Traditional phones service costs have constantly risen to offset the lower customer base. When you have VoIP as your phone service, your available computer network will carry both the data and voice using VoIP software applications. This means that you can drastically reduce the cost of phone services for your business.

More Convenience – Employees can work from home or anywhere with a strong internet signal they can connect to. Business leaders can stay in touch with on-road employees because the incoming calls are automatically routed through the VoIP phone.

Increase Flexibility – Even traditional phones you already own can make VoIP calls with an easy converter installation. This makes any analog phones able to speak to a computer by transforming the signal to digital data. You also have a seamless connection between your business system’s data – from the warehouse to the sales floor to the customer call center.

It’s time to take your telephone system to another level with VoIP technology that increases mobility, flexibility, and reduces costs. Contact Atlantic Business Systems today to discover how we can make the transition easy and seamless.