How You Can Protect Your Data With Managed IT Services

How You Can Protect Your Data With Managed IT Services

IT services that are outsourced and aren’t handled in-house are considered Managed IT services. IT experts take on the major brunt of a business’s IT needs while the in-house IT team can focus on more crucial tasks. Those experts become your virtual IT department and handle any maintenance, software updates, and security worries.

Managed IT services protect your data, your business applications, and your network. Here’s how you can protect your data with Managed IT services.

Defense Against Malware, Viruses, and Intruders

Managed IT Service Providers are alert and proactive when keeping up with new hacking methods and technology. While you focus on growing your business, Managed IT Service Providers are online and on guard 24/7 maintaining your firewall and protecting your system from malware, viruses, and spam.

Guard Your Backdoor

When potential security issues occur, Managed IT Services Providers can seal the breach, mitigate the damage, and institute immediate remedial measures. If the problem threatens loss of service or data leak, you are protected with both failover and backup. Failover ensures you get back online and a backup is your insurance against data loss.

Extra Business Insurance

Your business may be subject to state and federal business continuity regulations. If so, you must have a plan in place to recover if disaster strikes. Managed IT services include automatic, reliable, and offsite data backup. These services provide extra business insurance in case of a disaster.

Gateway to Digital Transformation

If you are heavily invested in paper-based business processes, a Managed Services Provider can be your gateway to go completely digital. If your data is on paper, going paperless can add extra security and efficiency to your organization by tracking, protecting, and safeguarding electronic documents.

Managed IT services do much more than protect your data. They provide peace of mind while you accomplish your business goals, reduce costs with preventive maintenance, and can help your business transition to a paperless office. Atlantic Business Systems has years of experience managing IT networks for businesses. If you’d like to learn more about our Managed IT services, contact us today!