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Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud Computing

Modern IT departments are faced with numerous tasks and challenges. Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the resources needed to keep up with an increasingly complex technology web and the associated threats. As a solution, they often turn to cloud-based managed IT services to help fill the gaps they need covered.

Cost-effective and Scalable

Cloud computing is very cost-effective because you don’t need to expend cash on equipment and staffing to cover your IT-based service needs. You’ll also:

  • Save on IT infrastructure needs/use less server storage space.
  • Lessen burden on IT staffing budget.
  • Use less air conditioning and electricity.
  • Add and subtract services as you need them.

By contracting with a managed IT company, you could save a bundle while still maintaining the level of flexibility you need to grow.

Convenient and Efficient

Cloud computing offers increased convenience, along with better levels of efficiency, while simultaneously ramping up your organization’s productivity levels.

  • Easy access for remote-based employees.
  • Traveling users can set up a virtual office from anywhere.
  • Creates a seamless collaboration or file sharing experience.
  • Increases user control and allows for single sign-in to all services from any device.

The type of flexibility afforded by cloud computing easily increases your productivity levels and, ultimately, boosts your bottom line because by letting someone else handle this aspect of your business, you’ll have more time to focus on your core competencies.


Security these days is a huge factor. Businesses cannot afford to be careless or complacent when it comes to data and network security. In this respect, cloud computing has been a game changer because it relieves businesses from many of the burdens associated with security.

  • Heightened security coverage: In the event of a natural disaster, data breach, or another devastating event, you won’t lose access to IT resources and data.
  • Automatic data backup: No worries about lost data because it’s being routinely replicated to support business continuity.
  • Regular updates: Performing regular technology updates is time-consuming, yet must be done to remain secure. Through cloud services, companies are assured their technology updates are current.

Essentially, using managed IT services is not only less expensive than maintaining on-site servers, it’s also more secure.

Many companies appreciate the benefits associated with an investment in cloud services. If you think your company could also benefit by receiving cloud services by a trusted managed IT provider, contact Atlantic Business Systems today!